Monday, October 24, 2005

Stupid White People

Take two -- Blogger missfired. I was GONNA blog about the Brazilians overwhelmingly rejecting proposed gun control legislation, but then I saw this about Nazi pop-rockers in California (thanks, Scott C)

Lynx and Lamb Gaede may look like pre-legal Olsen Twins, but the twin 13-year-olds sing pop tunes laced with white power and racist lyrics, performing under the name "Prussian Blue."

Mom kicks it homeschool with this crap. Dad sports swastikas. And the youngsters sing about it.

Great, that's just great.

I hate Bakersfield Nazis. Especially when they do this to their kids

I guess it just proves that not all American Idiots are Michael Moore or members of Green Day.


whit said...

Well, they certainly look Aryan to me.

JBlog said...

Yeah, well the problem is they look like my kids.

And I hate that, because then I get swept into the blame for this garbage.