Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mellencamp: Celebrity Hypocrite for a New Century

Former VP Dan Quayle walked out of a John Mellencamp show last weekend, after Mellencamp stopped singing to hop on the political stump and diss the current administration.

AP reports that Mellencamp introed the song "Walk Tall" by saying "
This next one is for all the poor people who've been ignored by the current administration."

*Sigh* Typical.

Typical limousine-liberal kajillioinaire rock star preaching on what someone else ought to do about the poor.

Tell you what, John, you can lecture other people to your heart's content about "poor people" the instant you give all your money away to the needy.

You know, like those nasty old capitalists Warren Buffett and Bill Gates just did.

Just to make it sporting, I'll even let you keep $1 million -- everything else goes.


Then STFU!


Dan said...

Rock stars should not use their status to promote their political views. It's just wrong.

I wrote about this a few years back:

JBlog said...

Hey, I don't mind that -- I just wish they wouldn't be so darn hypocritical about it.

Want to solve the problem of poverty in America? Easy, get the top 100 richest liberal show-business celebrities to give all their money to the poor.

Problem solved.

Craig Bob said...

Two words: Ad hominem.

JBlog said...

No, merely calling it like it is.

Mr. Mellencamp can whine all he wants about the plight of the poor, but until he puts his millions where his mouth is -- all of them -- he's a hypocrite.

And so are all the other bleeding-heart lefy celebs who haven't been in a cold automobile in decades.

They have the power to end poverty today if they choose. If they choose not to, they're in no position to criticize the government or anyone else for not doing it.