Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lamont on Colbert.

Relax. Stop hyperventilating. That's not a porn title. It refers to the appearance by Senate hopeful Ned Lamont on Comedy Central's Colbert Report last night.

Seems appropriate -- a dim dilettante candidate appearing on a fake news interview program.

Lamont is challenging incumbent and fellow Democrate Joe Lieberman, running on a "retreat and defeat" antiwar platform.

And he may win -- at least the primary next Tuesday, with polls currently showing him in the lead but within the margin of error. That's okay -- Lieberman would likely run as an independent, making it more palatable for Republicans to vote for him.

A story in the Stamford Advocate on his TV appearance flatters Lamont, but it seems pretty clear that he didn't get the jokes. As for delivering his message, he relied on glib one-liners like "We got into this mess not because we asked too many questions, but too few."

Of course, he didn't define what those unasked questions were -- probably because there weren't actually any.

Lamont's campaign platform epitomizes those of Democratic challengers this year -- they're mad about the war. Mad, mad, mad!

Unfortunately, they offer little else other than their anger.

When asked by Colbert what else motivated him to run, Lamont sputters about the deficit (which is declining, actually), health care, energy, and lobbyists' influence in Washington. Almost like he actually took the time to read the headlines in the New York Times before the interview.

Of course, what he hasn't done is show how he differentiates himself on those issues from Lieberman.

So it really just comes down to the war.

Ah well, Connecticut is a blue state however, and many will almost certainly overlook his lack of substance. Another rich liberal from Greenwich in Congress -- yeah, boy, howdy, that's just what we need. I guess they don't call it the Numbnuts State for nothing.

Oh wait -- that's Nutmeg State. Whatever.

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John Simonds said...

vote for lieberman, he's the last sane one left there....that's not mad..