Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Obama? Haysbert!

All this talk about Barack Obama as a presidential candidate in '08? Bah!

My guess is the first black man to be president will be a Republican -- I dunno who it will be, but I think it would be someone like Dennis Haysbert.

Whether he's handling a major crisis as President David Palmer on "24" or firing at terrorists with his trusty M4 as Jonas Blane on "The Unit," Haysbert is everything you'd want in a president -- smart, cool-headed, tough, aggressive, principled, decisive, results oriented.

Heck, you'd even buy insurance from this guy.

Note: I don't know what Haysbert's actual political views are -- I'm referring to the qualities of the characters he plays.


Mrs Zeke said...

He has my vote!

Can we put a character on the ballot?

be loved you are

JBlog said...

Hello, Mrs. Zeke -- nice to see you.

And yes we CAN put character on the ballot, provided we can get enough people interested. Which I doubt.

Mrs Zeke said...

well there is you and me, and I know Zeke liked that's 3..woot off to a good start!

Be loved

SB said...

Just because Reagan was an actor who made a good president it doesn't mean we should start tapping that reservoir. Talk about a Pandora's Box! (Sorry for the metaphor mixing...)

JBlog said...

Mind you, I'm not saying it should BE Haysbert -- as I noted, I don't even know his political views.

I'm hypothesizing that the first black president will be a Republican with the character traits of the roles Haysbert portrays.

And thanks for mentioning that Reagan was a great president -- there are a few people who still don't get that.