Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Porky Pelosi Swagger

If it were a musical, I guess they would call it "Nancy, Get Your Gun."

After President Bush said he would veto any war-funding ill calling for an end-date for troops in Iraq, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swaggered before the CNN cameras to declare "there's a new congress in town."

"When the president says he wants to veto this bill he says, I am vetoing accountability - accountability of my own administration and of the Iraqi government," she added. "He says, I forbid. He told me, I forbid, I forbid accountability. I forbid additional assistance and meeting the health needs of our military and our veterans. I forbid meeting the needs of the people struck by Katrina. I forbid s-chip helping the poorest children in America get healthcare. I forbid disaster agriculture assistance to farmers and cattlemen across the country who need this help."

Health needs of our military and veterans? Katrina? Healthcare for poor children? Agriculture assistance?

What, you may ask, does any of that have to do with the war in Iraq? Nothing.

Nothing, except it represents a portion of the pork Democrats larded into the House and Senate bills to bribe Congressmembers to vote for them.

Ah, that certainly is a cool breeze blowing through the halls of Congress since Nancy and her boys took over. Not.

Business as usual.

Big Nance also noted failed public confidence in Bush and the Iraq War, but she better check her numbers -- current polls how public confidence in Congress declining and rising for the president.

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