Friday, November 02, 2007

King's X - Dogman


Nate said...

King's X - a fave since 1990ish... Seen and met them several times. Nothing/nobody sounds like KX.

JBlog said...

Yeah, I'm kind of rediscovering them lately. They've always been kind of an underground sensation.

Doug Pinnick (now "Dug") has become a bit of a freak, but they still have it musically. Ty Tabor is one of my favorite guitarists, and Jerry Gaskill remains an awesome drummer

They released a two-disc live set I'm hoping to get for Christmas.

Nate said...

Yeah, they have had quite a journey. I think Dug's always been a freak, he just came to the conclusion that it's not worth apologizing for...ha

Still totally musical as you mention. They've given their lives to the band and their sound (multiple side proj's notwithstanding), and it shows.

JBlog said...

Re: Dug, you're probably right.