Monday, December 10, 2007

New Studwagon Mk IV

The new car for the kids arrived last week -- 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Only 80,000 miles, two owners.

For those who haven't been following the thriling saga, the Studwagon Mark III (1995 Oldsmobile 88 Royale) is no more -- the Boy Genius totaled it on the way home from school about two months ago. I was sick for a month.

But onward we go. I was originally looking for something like a Camry or an Accord, but was coming up dry.

Then last weekend when the weather got greasy I was thinking how handy it would be to have another four-wheel drive-capable vehicle around the house, and stumbled on this.

Checked it out after church Sunday, pulled the VIN -- ran it through Carfax and it came back clean -- test drove it and said "don't wrap it, I'll eat it here."

The thing is loaded -- power everything, leather seats, cool sound system (back speakers are blown though), moonroof.

Nicer than my first car. Nicer than my second car.

Uh, nicer than my third car.


emberglow66 said...

And you are worried about famous people flying in for an enviro conference! Well at least you balance the family carbon footprint with the Prius.

JBlog said...

Ah yes, and exactly what is the mileage of that Wienermobile you drive?

I said good day, sir.

jsimonds said...

Nice ride Jblog. Forget about the envirowienies who have a bigger carbon footprint in a week than you'll have with everying you own in 20 years, yet try to tell us how to live. Enjoy the "power everything" you deserve a nice ride.

JBlog said...

It's not for me, jsimonds -- it's for the children.


emberglow66 said...

What about the preacher's kids?

JBlog said...

Well, they can fend for themselves, I don't care about that.

Ah, the wisdom of Cousin Eddie.