Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bush Prof Poll: Predictable

The majority of American college professors give President Bush a poor grade, a Siena College Research Institute pool reports.

Now's a real "earth still orbiting sun" headline for you.

The poll reports that 67 percent of the 744 professors polled would rate the current president a failure.

The only thing shocking is that they number isn't higher.

We are, after all, talking about the people who:

-- Granted walking consumer fraud Ward Churchill tenure as a full professor. Churchill, as you may recall, faked his credentials an American Indian and said those who died in the 9/11 attacks deserved it.

-- Welcomed a former Taliban mouthpiece to study at Yale University. You know, the Taliban? Those guys who wouldn't let girls go to school, tortured and executed adulterers, and played gracious host and benefactor to Al Qaeda.

Yeah, now there's a seriously credible source.

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