Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News Shocker: Dem Reid Likes Freebies

AP reports that Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid accepted free boxing tickets worth thousands of dollars from a Nevada state agency trying to influence him on reviewing federal legislation for the sport.

Republican Senator John McCain insisted on paying for his ticket to one of the sporting events he attended with Reid. Republican Senator John Ensign accepted a free ticket, but had already recused himself from consideration on the legislation.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean called criticism of Reid's ethics "ridiculous." That's because Dean is nuts.

The Washington Post previously reported that Reid accepted $40,000 in donations from disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associates -- money he has declined to return, while demanding Republicans give back money they received from Abramoff. Some estimates say Reid got as much as $60,000 from Abramoff and his Indian clients.

And yet Reid supposedly is leading the charge in the Senate on ethics reform.

Fox. Henhouse.


John Simonds said...

A tiger can't hide his stripes....

JBlog said...

Neither can a skunk.


If the Dems are going to claim the moral high ground, they better make sure they're standing on it.