Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, that didn't take long

Less than a week after capturing both the House and the Senate, Democratic congressman are sounding the retreat in Iraq, calling for troop drawdowns within months.

''There is no military solution in Iraq,'' said Senator Carl Levin said. ''There is only a political solution.''

"Hold me -- I'm frightened," he added. (no he didn't)

So all this talk about a "new direction" in Iraq was what we suspected all along -- a call for cowardice and abandoning our allies.

Imagine my shock.


SB said...

In political times like these, I look for even the wispiest hints of encouragement. At the moment, I’m enjoying the thought that Lieberman has positioned himself (albeit somewhat unintentionally) as the fulcrum in the Senate. Neither Blues nor Reds are likely to accomplish much without him.

JBlog said...

I agree -- and I think "wispy" is a very accurate discription.

Also agree about Lieberman -- interesting that even though this election was characterized as a referendum on Bush's policy in Iraq, the hawkiest Democrat in Congress crushed his rabidly antiwar challenger.

Lieberman has a reputation here in CT. for getting stuff done and working across party lines -- I like to think the voters saw the wisdom of him in that.