Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Parking spot


Nate said...

holy crap - that is a bass rig and a half. I'm not a bass player, but I do have a Jazz Bass jones (as evidenced by my previous blathering comments re: your bass)...Lately I saw a fretless Squier Jazz Bass for a great price and I almost caved. I know Squier's not the best, but word on the street is that the gaps in workmanship between the US and foreign versions aren't what they used to be. What do you think, Mr. kick-ass Jazz Bass?

JBlog said...

From what I've seen of the Squiers, they really are inferior in terms of quality and components -- they just don't play and sound as good and they won't hold their value. So I'd steer clear of them.

My personal recommendation would be to spend a little more and pick up a used Standard or American Standard Fender.

Plenty of better quality basses out there on the used market.

Nate said...

Thanks for the being the voice of reason. I have gone the cheap foreign-made route a few times with other instrument purchasesand I'd say my overall regret factor has been 60-75%... A couple of them I would've kept had life/bills/babies circumstances been different.

A decent bass is really all I need to complete my modest little home studio setup (midi/key bass will not be tolerated, and of course drummers to be hired as needed!), so it's been easy to get hasty.