Thursday, October 27, 2005

News Shocker: Russia and France Deep in Saddam's Pocket!

A report released today indicates that 4,700 companies participating in the Oil-For-Food program made massive kickbacks to Saddam Hussein, the New York Times says.

And most of the companies benefiting from the resulting sweetheart deals for oil were from -- France and Russia.

You know, the "we don't really think there's a very good reason to invade Iraq" France and Russia.

Okay, so maybe not much of a surprise.

Still trying to figure out how the Germans missed out on all that boodle.

Also implicated in the scandal -- although not in this latest report -- are officials of the U.N. themselves as well as family members, including the son of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Interesting also to note that while oil was flowing out of Iraq and money was flowing into Saddam's pocket, 5,000 children under the age of five were starving to death every month -- children who were supposed to be fed through the Oil-For-Food Program.

In case you were wondering why we're in Iraq, there's another reason.


sandab said...

To any reasonable person, this is further proof that there was no "containing Saddam", as some on the left will contend. Diplomacy and sanctions were wasted on Saddam. Actions were the only thing that made a difference.

My question is how does Kofi Annan still have a job with all this happening on his watch?

JBlog said...

Good question.

whit said...

A scam this big can go on in the United Nations involving 2000 business and Annan's own son and Kofi doesn't know about it?

whit said...

Before the war, I thought sanctions were in place. Imagine my shock to see a Deutsche Bank our troops captured Baghdad. BTW - Daimler was implicated in the scam.

JBlog said...

Hey, maybe Kofi didn't know what his son was doing -- you know how kids are.

"Son...were you out paying bribes to a homicidal dicator to get sweetheart deals on oil"?

"Uh, no Dad. Honest! I was at the library, studying with my friends."

whit said...

There's not a lot more to say except going back to sandab original question; seriously, If annan can survive this, the U.S. needs to seriously consider withdrawal.