Friday, October 28, 2005

Plame Grand Jury Serves Up Nothingburger


Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had VP aide Scooter Libby charged with forgetting when he first heard Valerie Plame's name, CNN ostensibly reports.

That's the substance of the five-count indictment delivered today -- no charges that either Libby or Karl Rove leaked Plame's secret CIA identity to reporters.

Why indict anyone at all? Well you don't spend two years and a kajillion dollars on an investigation without indicting SOMEONE for SOMETHING.

A pity for Libby, and to Fitzgerald's shame.

The crux of the charges is that Libby's own notes indicate he knew about Plame earlier than he testified.

Heck, most people can't remember what they had for dinner last night (uh, chicken and kielbasa, french fries and a green salad. And cupcakes for dessert -- it was my youngest son's birthday).

Grill anyone relentlessly on the details of things happening up to two years ago and they're bound to err somewhere in their recollection.

(Hint: If Libby were truly trying to lie, don't you think he would have edited his own notes?)

Having worked for and with the media for more than 20 years I can tell it's a standard and fairly transparent practice to slide something out on a Friday afternoon if you've got nothing and hope no one will notice.

Fitzpatrick says the investigation will continue, much like O.J.'s search for the "real" killer, no doubt.

Make no mistake, this is a complete failure for Fitzgerald, for former Ambassador Joe Wilson and anti-Bush factions.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it reminds of me the Ken Starr led witchhunt of Bill Clinton that ended up with a tawdry impeachment trial. How much did that right-wing inspired rip-off cost us? Happy Halloween!

JBlog said...

Yeah, right. The shady land deals, the sleazy insider commodities trading, the skanky S&L bailouts, it was all just...just a dream. A big ol'right wing dream

Oh wait, no, that's right -- people DID actually go to jail for some of that stuff.

And that whole thing about the president conducting an affair with a public employee, lying about it, getting caught and being convicted of perjury -- TOTALLY synonymous with the current situation.

If you're really harboring such delusions, get help.

Undecided said...

You don't think a conspiracy and big lie to start a war is an impeachable offense? And no responsible party should go to jail for it? Even Colin Powell now says he was duped by the neo-cons in the Bush administration to make his fake presentation and shameful call for war before the U.N. Maybe the fact that 2,000+ soldiers have been killed so far in Iraq and many thousands more have been maimed for life is just a nightmare as well. I'll have to ask their families about their grip on reality, if they don't beat me down with a stick for asking such an impertinent question of them.

JBlog said...

Undecided -- you get one warning on this. The only requirement for being allowed to post on this blog is that you have to know what you're talking about.

Idiots, liars and the delusional are not welcome here and their comments will be deleted.

Now, go read the Duelfer report on weapons inspection -- the WHOLE thing, not just the summary -- and then come back and tell me it was all a lie, that there was not one speck of WMD in Iraq.

Until then, don't post here.

Undecided said...

I'm impressed that you read all 1000 pages of the report with a fine tooth comb. Why don't you tell me what it says and save me the trouble? I enjoy the electric guitar picture very much, but I thought only radical hippies and yippies were into that kind of stuff. I learn something new everyday.

JBlog said...

It says Saddam played a shell game with his WMD capabilities, reducing and limiting the concentrations of weapons and capabilities, but always retaining them.

Specifically, he retained missle components and technologies, manpower, mindpower, facilities, seed stocks of biological agents, and capital (through the corrupt Oil-for-Food Program) to allow him to produce WMD on virtually any scale, large or small.

You see, when it comes to WMD, there's no such thing as "a little bit." A little bit would be enough to allow a terrorist to deliver a dirty bomb to the Madrid train system, or a briefcase full of anthrax to the New York Subways, or nerve gas canister to the London Underground.

All of this was a violation of the Gulf War Peace Accords,of course, and posed a continuing threat to the region and the world.

There, now you know the facts -- so if you go around spouting that "there were no WMD" crap anymore, well, golly, you're just a liar.

By the way, that's an electric bass, not an electric guitar. So there -- you learned TWO things today.