Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Illustrated Strunk and White

Strunk and White's classic primer on good writing, The Elements of Style, now comes in a illustrated edition, NPR reports.

Of all the books I've read on writing well, this one is indispensible. Simply reviewing the table of contents will make you a better writer.

The illustrations typically render the examples given in the book to describe the grammar or punctuation rule the authors were expressing.

Although it sounds like a strange concept, the description of it on NPR actually was quite compelling.

The opera based on book, however, um, I dunno about that.


whit said...

NPR? What were you doing listening to that? :)

JBlog said...

Are you kidding? I get my best stuff from the MSM.

Look if I scrutinize some Dem fumble by citing some right-wing Web site, they can easily dismiss it.

But if my source is the NY Times, or NPR, or Reuters, they have a tougher time refuting it.

storyhas2sides said...
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