Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Newspaper Circ: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Circulation figures for U.S. newspapers continue to decline, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Chronicle quotes the Audit Bureau of Circulation as showing a 2.6 percent drop nationwide over the past six months, and a whopping 16.6 percent drop for the Chronicle itself. The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Boston Globe both showed declines of more than 8 percent.

Newspaper Association of America marketing guy John Kimball noted factors such as increased use of the Internet as a news source and new limits on telemarketing as factors in the decline.

A factor noted on NPR this morning is age -- newspaper readers tend to be older, and younger news consumers prefer to get their news from other media such as TV and the Internet.

Not cited in any of the reports is public confidence in newspapers, which Gallup reported at a low of 28 percent earlier this year.


John Simonds said...

yeah, and that there is only one side to the story when they write it and that it is biased. nobody can trust that.

newspapers were supposed to be about reporting the facts, when that went away, the number are sure to follow...

JBlog said...

Well, I wasn't even gonna go there, but there it is.

Pretty sad when the president's approval rating is an all-time low, and you're below even that.

whit said...

I'm getting to the point where I hardly read the print media. I don't want to soil my hands.