Friday, November 18, 2005

Murtha: Wrong on Facts

Democratic Senator John Murtha of Pennsylvania has called for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

"This is a policy wrapped in an illusion ... our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency," Murtha said at a Capitol news conference that left him in tears. "It's time to bring them home."

On the facts, he's wrong, and an analysis of the deaths in Iraq show that to be the case.

U.S. casualty figures are flat year to year (source: Iraq Coalition Casualty Count). The majority of those killed in Iraq continue to be civilians, and most of those deaths are a result of terrorist attacks (source: Iraq Body Count). And civilian deaths at the hands of of terrorists and other criminals continue to rise.

American troops are not the primary target of the terrorists -- Iraqi civilians are. And withdrawal now would leave them at the mercy of those killers.

Case in point from Reuters today: Suicide bombers kills 77 in Iraq. They're attacking churches.


whit said...

Murtha is wrong on so many levels that one has to question both his reasoning and motives if not his mental capacity. He has got to know that the devastating consequences of immediate withdrawal. Chaos in the Middle East with the very real possibility of Iran controlling Iraqi oil. Civil War in Irag. All those American lives wasted. Billions and billions of dollars thrown away. Iraqi dreams shattered. Al Queda and all of the Islamo-fascist world reinvigorated with the fresh blood of victory. No one, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative should take this man seriously. It will be very interesting and revealing to see who endorses his statements.

JBlog said...

I especially like the "military hawk" stuff the media is throwing around, like his current opinion is something new.

He's been a vocal critic of the war for over a year.

whit said...

Some days, I just can't stand it.