Thursday, March 30, 2006

My New "Airport" Shoes

My new Bass Weejun tassel kiltie loafers.

Or, as I can call them, my new "airport" shoes.

Let me 'splain.

The world being what it is today, getting through airport security anymore is a major pain -- laptop out, shoes off, coat and jacket off, dump them in the bins, send them through the x-ray machine, and walk through the magic portal.

Disrobing and divesting like this while in the security line is inconvenient, and making it worse is dealing with tie shoes. "Darn, freakin' knot..." as you hop on one foot trying to get a shoe off.

Then, after you've made it through, you have to go through the reverse process of re-intregrating yourself -- with no good facilities for doing this.

At least, as I observed while flying out to California a couple weeks ago.

Was wearing my Rockport Dressport oxfords, which are just darn comfortable. But realized I need a tie-less shoe for such trips.

Found the Weejuns on Shoebuy -- love that site because: a. I hate clothes shopping; b. they always have my size; c. their prices are good and they ship for free (return shipping too!); and d. I hate clothes shopping.

Ordered, shipped and on my feet in a week.

Comfy and darn stylish. Can't wait unitl the next time I fly -- just slip them off and slip them back on.

Doing my part in the war on terror by keeping the lines moving at airport security.

I guess adapting to a post-9/11 world isn't so tough after all.


Craig Bob said...

Wow - and that's all it took to adapt to the post-9/11 world? And here I've been wasting cycles worrying about American unilateralism, Islamo-fascism, overly compensated isolationism, dirty bombs, erosion of civil liberties ...

I should have visited Shoebuy much, much earlier.

JBlog said...

Baby steps, man. Baby steps.

If we all do our own little part, what a better world it will be.

As Spike Lee once said, it's gotta be the shoes, Money.

American unilateralism, compensated isolationism (wha?), erosion of civil liberties -- dude, do you believe everything you read in the papers?

John Simonds said...

First of all, I'm surprised that the queen of shopping hasn't commented (NR). I couldn't agree more on the airport issues....wish i could be that witty.

Craig Bob said...

RE: "do you believe everything you read in the papers?"

... yes. After dropping off the turnip truck yesterday, a download from seemed like the fastest way to get up to speed.

JBlog said...

Jayson Blair, please check your messages...