Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombings in London

Seven separate bombs were detonated by terrorists in the London subway and on city buses, Reuters reports. An unknown number of injured and at least two dead.

It's not clear who's responsible yet, although the informed opinion is that it was Al Qaida and the attacks were timed to coincide with the opening of the G8 meeting Scotland today.

It will be curious to see what the British response to this is. After the Madrid train bombings last year, the Spanish reaction was to cower, but I think the Brits may be made of sterner stuff than that -- recall "The Blitz" during World War II and the more recent IRA bombings.

I also wonder how this will affect London's plans for the 2012 Olympics, announced only yesterday.

Update: 9:16 a.m., CBS radio now reporting 40 dead, with Al Qaida claiming "credit."


PRweasel10 said... this is pretty sick thinking, admittedly, but from a PR standpoint...why don't we make up a group to claim credit. USA Today reports that "Red Jihad" is claiming responsiblity for the bombings today. Meanwhile Al Queda goes nuts trying to figure out who this rival gang is and how to kill them....instead of us. And getting ever more pissed that they didn't get the "credit".

JBlog said...

Not sure that would work -- they way Al Qaida works, it's sort of loose-knit group of smaller, franchise groups -- sort of like the McDonald's of terror.

My guess is that half the time the Al Qaida leadership doesn't know what it's franchisees are up to anyway. It's what makes them harder to track.