Friday, July 15, 2005

Can't Plame Rove

It's official. The New York Times reports today that Karl Rove was not the confidential source for Bob Novak's story that outed CIA spook Valerie Plame.

It has already been widely reported that Rove did speak to reporters on background about the issue -- largely to discount statements that VP Dick Cheney sent Plame's hubby Joe Wilson to Niger to look for Iraq-Uranium connections.

But that he did not name Plame by that, her undercover name, and didn't in fact know she was an undercover agent for the CIA. (I guess that would be the "undercover" part.)

In fact, the story reports that Rove learned out who she was FROM Novak, not the other way around.

So I guess Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy will have to unbunch their petticoats and figure out something else to be hysterical about.

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