Thursday, May 26, 2005

Carvin: From the "can't get out their own way" department....

Still awaiting the return of my Carvin LB75 five-string bass -- nearly four months later.

It developed a terminal neck problem and I shipped it back to the factory for a rebuild in February (my hardware and elex to be mounted on a new neck and body). Called to follow up, emailed to confirm. "It's all good, be about four to six weeks," they replied.

After a month, I checked in to see how it was going. "Oh, um, we never processed your order -- it'll be about four to six more weeks."

Finally got the bass back in mid-April. Problem -- major intonation issue, couldn't be adjusted at the bridge. Sent it back.

They said it would require another rebuild -- and another four to six weeks.

Checked with them again last week, and they said "Oops, didn't need a rebuild after all -- we fixed it. Should ship within the next day or so."

Still waiting. Still waiting.

Are my expectations of customer service hopelessly unrealistic, or at this point should they be falling all over themselves to get this right and make me happy?

Probably the last thing I'll ever buy from them.

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