Wednesday, May 18, 2005


With the filibuster flap over President Bush's judicial nominees, Congressional Democrats have once again done what they seem to have an amazing talent for -- painted themselves squarely into a corner.

Here's how it seems to play out. If they actually filibuster, they pretty much position themselves as nothing but obstructionists, contributing nothing, merely holding things up. Sort of like a five-year-old who doesn't want to take his bath.

If instead the Republicans deploy the "Nuclear Option" -- that's pronounced "nucular" incidentally -- the nominees will steam through committee to vote, will be approved overwhelming, and the Democrats will be completely sidelined, with no input to the process. Sort of like a five-year-old who's been put in timeout for not taking his bath.

What could the Dems do instead? Discuss. Debate. Negotiate. Compromise. Participate. You know, like adults. Like elected public servants are supposed to do.

Will they? Who knows. CBS News sees some hope.

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