Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday -- Car Care

Oil changes today on the cars. I try to do both cars at the same time, so I only have to clean up once. I do them very three months, regardless of mileage, which is always below the factory specs anyway.

One thing that's a pain -- they use different grades. It was easier when the wife and I both drove Chrysler minivans, which used the same grade of oil -- 5w-30. But the '95 Olds my in-laws gave us last fall uses 10w-30. Oh well.

Another thing -- oil-pan capacity. The Olds takes five quarts, which is a little odd. But the Town & Country takes 4.5 -- what's up with that?

Speaking of oil, doesn't look like we're gonna get a break on prices anytime soon.


CaptHowdy said...

My olds takes 4.25 quarts with the filter. And my scooby with 1/3 the displacement takes 4.2 too. At least the partially used bottles age better than brake fluid....

My bike has been getting alot of miles put on it in the past few months, but i still change the oil by the calender regardless of mileage.

emberglow66 said...

I think the oil/engine industry could learn a lesson from the open source community

JBlog said...

Yeah, no doubt -- how about an engine that runs on Linux?