Monday, May 16, 2005

Oily hypocrisy

So I'm driving home on 684 this evening, and I pass a car with a bumpersticker that says something like "Would you sacrifice your child for oil?"

And I thought, "Well obviously YOU would -- cuz that's not a dual-fuel biowaste-fired/lunar-powered eco-moped you're driving. It's a gasoline-guzzlin' mo-tor vee-hi-cle."

By their nature, bumperstickers tend to run to the shallow and one-dimensional side. But I think this one pretty much hits the low-point for intellectual content.

If you must boil your philosophy or worldview down to ten words you can smugly display on your car, you really should try to not make it so ironic.

And if you're going to complain that the war is all about oil, you better be getting around town on a unicycle, a pogostick, or your Keds. Otherwise you're just a hypocrite.


Craig said...

My bumper sticker says: "People who say other people suck are mean."

JBlog said...

Mine says: Honor Student -- Concealed Carry School.

With a little picture of a little .380 automatic.

Really cuts down on the tailgaters.