Monday, May 30, 2005

Koran protests fail to achieve full irony

Thousands of Muslims around the the world threw tomatoes at pictures of President Bush, spit on the American flag and burned copies of the U.S. Constitution in the protest over allegations of Koran mistreatement by Gitmo interrogators, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Goodness. If only they had tossed a few copies of the Bible on the bonfire, the irony would have been complete.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda members in Iraq have yet to repond to charges they don't even provide copies of the scriptures to their Christian and Jewish captives before murdering them.


Lora said...

Our duty is to "do unto others as..." regardless of how they do unto us. The evil of another (Al Quaida) in no way justifies participating in evil ourselves(Abu Graib, Gitmo). So bring on the tomatos, build a campfire with bibles, strap bombs to your young and blow up innocents, but let us respond by treating captives humanely and with respect.

JBlog said...

I agree -- we should set the standard, and I think in most cases we do. That mistreatment of captices occurs in war time is an unfortunate consequence, but for the most part it's been the exception, not the rule.

I just find it puzzling that no one in the American media or anyone outside the borders of the U.S. sees the "glass houses" thing.

They're happy to pick at us on those few occasions when we fail to rise to a certain standard. But decline to apply it to themselves.