Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dean Unrepentent

Okay, I might as well had made the headine "Sky Not Falling" or "Today Is Sunday," right? I mean no surprises here.

Despite awkward shuffling of feet and throat-clearing by fellow Dems over his divisive and insulting remarks about Republicans, Dem Party Chair Howard Dean says he's going to keep going.

First, Dean -- who I refer to as "the David Duke of the Left" -- called GOPs lazy and dishonest with his "never made an honest living" remark. Then he called them "a white Christian party" -- sounds awful close to White Aryan Nation. How far is that from calling them a bunch of Kluxers?

Yet fellow Dems have a hard time distancing themselves from his bombthrowing. "We can use some of your passion," said Rep. Leonard Boswell, D-Iowa, in his best June Cleaver impression ("That's very interesting music you boys are listening to...").

Tough to not back him since they picked him though.

And thus the Democrats continue their march toward irrelevance.

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