Saturday, June 04, 2005

I wonder how the Tripp for Felt will Feel

Now that Watergate snitch Mark Felt has outed himself, I wonder how he'll be portrayed in the popular media.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass draws an interesting comparison between Felt and Clinton Oralgate informant Linda Tripp, noting that both did essentially the same thing -- they exposed a U.S. President who broke the law. In Nixon's case, the charge was obstruction of justice. In Clinton's, it was perjury.

Will Felt now become a favorite punchline of the late-night comics. Will we see frequent derisive comics about him on the editorial page. Will he be parodied on Saturday Night Live.

That's what happened to Linda Tripp.

Till now, while he hid in anonymity, Felt has been portrayed heroically -- the Washington insider who risked much to right a great injustice and expose evil.

Will that change now that he has revealed his identity, particularly given his motive for coming out -- to get a book deal and make some money?

Doubt it.

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