Tuesday, June 28, 2005

SacBee Hack Faked Sources

Okay, this isn't good. The Sacramento Bee says it can't confirm the identity or existence of 43 people quoted in columns by former staffer Diana Griego Erwin.

Erwin, a Pulitzer and George Polk award winner, resigned for "personal reasons" in May after the Bee tightened up its policies on anonymous sources and found discrepancies in her writing dating back 12 years.

Erwin's response the continuing investigation: "The story has been told and I am sad that The Bee continues to pursue this. Surely there are more important stories out there than another about me. I know there are. Even now, I come across them every day."

Really? Found more important stories? What's she been working on lately?

Stories more important that journalists breeching the public trust and making stuff up...nope, nothing more important comes to mind.

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