Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson Found Not Guilty

There. Now, can we all get on with our lives?



emberglow66 said...

Those who followed this even by reading the headlines need to get a life. We love the dirt, grime, slime. Am trying to look for the good in the world. Oftentimes, I find it!

Lora said...

Did someone overhear Michael saying he was so relieved because now he could spend his time looking for the REAL child molester?

JBlog said...

Woohoo, two comments! That's breaking some new ground for my lil blog.

Johnboy: Lighten up. You'd have to have been living at the bottom of a well to escape being bombarded by this thing. I'm just glad it's over.

Lora: Wicked. I had the same thought. Hey, maybe he could team up with O.J. Could be a TV series:

HE'S wifekiller. HE'S a child molester. THEY'RE detectives!