Monday, January 23, 2006

More television for idiots

Okay, I think we can sum this up in three words -- Skating with Celebrities.

Fox Television takes a bunch of washed-up figure skaters and pairs them with a bunch of has-been b-level celebrities for a skating competition. Has-been celebrities, incidentally, with no skating aptitude at all.

I mean, I sort of get the Dancing with the Stars thing -- I don't WATCH it, but I can see how someone, somewhere might enjoy that. Actually my daughter does, but she's a dancer.

But this? This is truly a low moment for "reality television," and that's saying a lot.

As girlie as it may seem, I'd imagine figure skating as actually pretty difficult and dangerous. So do you really want to see Todd Bridges dumping Jenni Meno on her head? Three words: massive cerebral hematoma.

From triple lutz to triple clutz. Mustn't See T.V.

I'm not a fan of this genre of television in the first place, but this has to be the worst idea in the world.

What crack-addled junkie came up with this poor excuse for entertainment? This is beneath the intelligence of chimpanzees.

What's next? Celebrity Knifefight?

Say...that might not be a bad idea...

If they're interested, I can provide a list of suggested contestants.


SB said...

Nice rant, J!

JBlog said...

Hey, what's the point of having a blog if you can't rant occasionally.

Okay, a lot.

But it's a healthy outlet. It's either this or kick the dog.

I like the dog, so between me and the dog, this is the better solution.

SB said...

I wouldn't mind if you made it a weekly feature. After all, television provides you with an abundance of low-hanging fruit...

Craig Bob said...

Next week on CNBC ... Asset Allocation with the Stars!