Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Now in the "Best Idiot" category....

Through an odd confluence of events, apparently the Golden Globe awards were held on the same day as MLK Day.

Oddly, several Democratic politicians used MLK events to make totally freakish statements -- statements so odd that they deserve Golden Globe-style recognition.

So winning in the "Selective Amnesia" category, we have Al Gore saying that the Bush administration is breaking the law with its warrantless eavesdropping on terrorists. Gore conveniently forgot, of course, that the administration he served in DID THE EXACT SAME THING.

Never ceases to amaze me that the Dems don't muzzle this guy -- sticks his foot in his mouth and hurts their cause every time. Doesn't he have a television network somewhere to run into the ground?

In the "Tin Ear" category, Hillary Clinton declared at an MLK event in Harlem that the U.S. House of Representatives is "run like a plantation." The gross insensitivity of that remark to anyone who ever suffered under the lash of true slavery was lost on Ms. Clinton and to most in the audience, many of whom applauded her remarks -- to their collective shame.

So once again, as the orchestra music swells the Divine Ms. H steps to center stage, misses her cue, sings a flat note and trips on the hem of her skirt. But hey, Hillary in 2008! Best recipe I can think of to guarantee another Republican administration.

Finally, in the "Best Portrayal of Nutjob Pat Robertson," New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin -- the guy who left all those poor black people stranded after Hurricane Katrina -- declared that the Big Easy is a black city by divine right and that God is mad a America and specifically at black people.

Ray is up for re-election in March -- THAT'S gonna be fun to watch.

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whit said...

Funny! But with so many choices how could one possibly choose a winner?