Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why is no one covering this?

The claims are a showstopper -- a guy claiming to have been the #2 man in Saddam's Air Force says they DID have large quantities of WMD up until late in 2002.

Those stockpiles were moved to Syria under cover of providing humanitarian aid after a Syrian dam collapsed, says Georges Sada.

Shocking, game-changing claims -- and no one is covering it.

I checked the NY Times this morning -- nothing.

I did a search on Google News (a GREAT tool) -- and found two stories. One in the New York Sun and a reference to an appearance by General Sada on Fox News last night.

The guy also got a book deal with Integrity Publishing, although that doesn't mean much -- they'll fling those things at anyone with a story spicy enough to tell, truthful or not. See: James Frey.

And the Sun and Fox News are certainly not the most well-regarded news sources

I'm not saying his claims are true. For all I know they're not. He could be a wild-eyed, moonbat, nutjob par excellence for all I know.

But considering his claims of who he says he is and what he says he knows, don't you think SOMEONE would look into this -- if for no other reason than to debunk his claims?

This reminds of of the non-coverage of the Swifties and fake CBS documents prior to the 2004 election -- it appears that a lot of reporters and editors are shutting their eyes real tight and hoping this will go away because it doesn't fit their view of things.


SB said...

Good point, Jay. I wouldn't mind seeing an update on this as you learn more.

JBlog said...

Not much new to report - most media continuing to ignore it.

Investor's Business News picked it up from the New York Sun last week, but that's about it.

Rightwing bloggers are embracing it, which I think is a mistake until someone vets it.

Leftwing bloggers are laughing at it, which is pretty stupid for the same reason.