Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some T-Shirts are more newsworthy than others

Cindy Sheehan was ejected from the State of the Union Address last night for wearing an antiwar t-shirt that said "2245 Dead. How Many More?"

Beverly Young, wife of U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young, was also removed from the spectator's gallery for wearing a "Support Our Troops Defending Our Freedom" t-shirt.

Gee, I wonder who's gonna get more media attention on this.

The Associated Press story reported both incidents, but carried the headline: Police Remove Sheehan From Bush Speech.

The USA Today story doesn't mention Ms. Young until much lower in the story, as an update. A Washington Post story doesn't mention her at all, nor does the San Francisco Chronicle.

Neither does the New York Times, although they did carry an interesting quote from Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D), who said she didn't mean to make the president uncomfortable by inviting Sheehan to the event: "I didn't see [inviting Sheehan to attend] as a political statement at all."

Monstrous amounts of crap immediately starting from shooting from Ms. Woolsey's mouth, nose and ears.

Okay, that didn't happen. But it should have.

CNN online mentions both incidents, but still gives Sheehan top billing -- Ms. Young is mentioned in a subhead and then appears in the fourth paragraph of the story.


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