Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winter Games

Not blogging much this week. Busy at work and busy watching the Olympics every night.

We're Olympics fanatics at our house. The snowboarders have been favorites for us over the last two winter games -- I just love the spirit these guys bring to the games.

And they medal big-time. Shaun White and Danny White just tore it up with their fakey-to-fakey 900s and frontside 1080s, taking gold and silver.

And Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler of the women's team did the same.

2002 gold medalist Kelly Clark finished out of the medals, but put on performance in the finals that rivaled the men's competition -- flying higher and pulling maneuvers that set a new level for the women's competition. Only a fall near the end of her run dropped her to fourth place.

One Olympian I couldn't care less about is the over-amped, over-hyped Bode Miller, who has been washout in two events so far. Yesterday he was disqualified for running over a slalom gate.

The guy says the rules don't apply to him, stays out late before competition, and skips inspection runs, and now it's coming home. Personally, I think he's a punk.

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