Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's next? 9/11 Humor?

That's nice. Reuters reports that an Iranian newspaper is running a Holocaust cartoon contest in retaliation for those Danish cartoons about Mohammed many Muslims find so offensive.

So let me see if I've got this right -- the muslims are offended because their prophet was maligned and God blasphemed. So the rational response is to make fun of the murder of 10 million people.

Yeah, I'd say let's chip in for some sensitivity training for the Iranians, or at least a copy of Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends And Influence People."

Hint: If you want respect, you have to be willing to give it.


SB said...

We live in a very bizarre slice of history.

Mrs Zeke said...

I said this before I think on Zeke's blog or some blog. When the last that survived leave this world we as a world seem bent on letting the memories go with them.

Slave trade in the Sudan -not really happening

Boiling water down the throats of Christians in N. Korea-not really happening

Mass chemical test on the Kurds-never happened

Home churches raided and some burnt upside down on crosses in front of there children in China-not really happening

So on and so on and so on I could go. I don't know if its just to much, or to much information or what but the reality is it seems it is more interesting to argue about what is popular and such instead of looking into the darkest action of some and trying to find a way to help.

Maybe we need to remind ourselves as a survivor of the camps once told me. When they were aloud to shower they were given special soap on the soap where the letters "PJF" and they were horrified to find out after asking it meant "Pure Jewish Fat". The guard told him the bodies of the burned were used to make the soap.
true or not that survivor never took a shower with soap again in the camps.
Being human is so shameful sometimes.

Thanks for bringing this up