Monday, February 06, 2006

And stay away from "lightbulb" jokes too...

Rioting continues in the Islamic world today over cartoons originating in Denmark that Muslims say denigrate Mohammed, Reuters reports.

There's the usual rioting and storming of European embassies and the like. The cartoons, one of which depicts the Prophet with a turban shaped like a bomb and another with Mohammed advising would-be suicide bombers that he's run out of virgins to reward them with, have been reprinted in newspapers throughout Europe and in parts of Asia.

You know, if you're going to insult someone's Lord and Savior, the best idea is to do it in the guise of art. Take a picture of Mohammed and suspend it in urine, then display the resulting "art" in a gallery. No one can get mad at that.

Why, you might even qualify for a government grant!

Just don't try that with a photo of a liberal icon, like JFK or Hillary.

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