Friday, February 17, 2006

Define "Lack of Response," Please

Democrats still in a flutter about Cheney's "lack of response" after he accidentally winged a hunting buddy last weekend.

But a review of a New York Times timeline (reprinted in the Austin American-Statesman) of what happened shows there was no "lack of response."

The vice president immediately went to the aid of his friend. The incident was reported to authorities by the Secret Service within minutes, and a statement was released to the media the next day by the owner of the ranch.

"Lack of response" is code for "didn't immediately call a news conference while his friend lay bleeding on the ground."

For Democrats to attempt to use this event as an opportunity score political points is the height of hypocrisy.

Compare Cheney's response to the behavior of Ted Kennedy -- a pillar of the Democratic Party -- who allowed a young woman riding is his car to drown while he fled the scene of an accident, which he didn't report to the authorities until the next day after consulting his attorney.

THAT is a lack of response. If you're going to claim the high moral ground, you better make sure you're standing on it.

Some cluck that the Vice President personally didn't issue a public comment for several days after the accident. Uh, neither did Ted.

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Mrs Zeke said...

What is really sad about all this is this poor man that was shot has family that was and is very worried about him.

The media is mad they gave the story to a small news outlet cause I guess somehow they think they can state the "facts" better. Let them not be concerned about this man or his family .

Makes me go hmmmmmmmm

Love now tomorrow is not promised to anyone