Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Air America Loots Children's Charity

The Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club of the Bronx has been booted from the national organization for illicitly diverting $875,000 for use as start-up money for the liberal radio network Air America, the NY Post reports.

In addition, the club has lost nearly $10 million in city funding as a result of the investigation.

The New York Sun reports that according to court depositions the money was moved by Gary Cohen, development director for the club and a co-founder of Air America. A shell corporation was created to hide the transaction, said the deposition given by David Goodfriend, a former Clinton administration official and top official at Air America, who was a college buddy of Cohen.

Not nice. I didn't think Liberals did stuff like this. Couldn't they just hold a bake sale or something?

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