Monday, September 19, 2005

N. Korea: No More Nukes

North Korea has agreed to give up its nuclear (that's pronounced nu-cu-ler) weapons programs, Reuters reports this a.m.

While not a definitive agreement, it's a major step that resulted from the multi-party talks the Bush administration has favored with North Korea and which detractors said wouldn't work.

In fact, it appears that offers of aid including everything from food to energy from China, Russia and South Korea are what turned the tide.

Also, the U.S. has promised not to attack North Korea.

Looks like the old carrot-and-stick approach does work.

This may also increase pressure on Iran to disarm as well.

Lousy day to be a liberal, I suppose.

Update 9/20: Uh-oh, L.A. Times reporting that N. Korea is trying to change the deal already. Goes to show, you just can't trust a commie.

The light-water reactor condition was already on the table though, so it may not derail this after all.


John Simonds said...

Anything will work better than the agreement the worst president of this century, Jimmy Carter negotiated in 94. Um, let's see, give them 400 billion and they'll promise not to make nukes. That was a good use of our money, they made them anyway and thumbed their noes at us.

Who was the president then?

Craig said...

Screw the nukes. I want more lawn-care postings!

JBlog said...

Okay -- gonna overseed and fertilize this weekend.

I'll hit the dry spots with a rake first, to remove thatch and scruff up the dirt a little to make it more receptive to the seed.

Then, it's 20 pounds of Rebel premuium blend seed and 60 pounds of Lesco starter fertilizer

Craig said...

I love it when you talk like that. Tell me more about scruffing up the dirt.

JBlog said...

Dude, go home to your wife, man.

Nate said...

This is not a diplomatic miracle -- it amounts to a "get out of jail" pass to our (pen)ultimate remaining cold war foe for having the decency to wear uniforms and fly a recognizeable flag. If only the islamo-fascists would grant the same favor.... North Korea is a pest that can and should be put on the back burner... That's the story.

JBlog said...

You're right, it's not a miracle, but it's a start.

And I think you're underestimating the NKs -- they have a propensity for selling weapons to people who don't like us, so it's best that they're taken seriously and dealt with, IMO.

Nate said...

You're right, jblog - NK isn't nearly as isolated as we'd like to think - they do need to be dealt with. I don't mean to discount this development across the board.

It's hard not to feel frustrated, though.....sorta feeling that we're rewarding untrustworthy rogues for being the squeaky-wheel.

JBlog said...

It's all carrot-and-stick, man -- that's what drives all human behavior.

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?