Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why, It's Gun-Totin' Sean To The Rescue!

I was at the barbershop today when I spied this photo on the cover of the NY Post -- that's famous actor and American traitor Sean Penn in New Orleans, helping the locals.

With a shotgun in one hand and a body armor vest in the other.

Not exactly sure how one "helps" people with a shotgun.

And I would have thought Sean would be opposed to personal ownership of firearms and body armor.

His publicist said he didn't actually shoot anyone and had already left New Orleans.

The headline on the right doesn't go with the photo, but the juxtaposition is apt.

To quote of one my favorite philospher-poets, Napoleon Dynamite: "IDIOT!"

Don't lefties know how stupid and hypocritical they look when they're photographed with a gun?

While in the barbershop, the guy in the chair ahead of me was mouthing the usual "They didn't do anything fast enough" blather, when I asked him "Have you ever been in a disaster area? I have."

I then filled him in on how things work -- or rather, don't work -- in a disaster.

But I was nice about it, and he thanked me for my perspective.

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JBlog said...

A. I don't care whether he wanted to be photographed with it or not.

If you read the story, you'll find his publicist offering up the lamest excuses imaginable.

B. He also went to Baghdad on his on dime to support the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein. So I don't care if he saves orphans from a burning building -- he gets no points for this or anything else.

C. It's my blog. I don't have to be fair. If you don't like it, go someplace else. It's a free country