Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hurricane Relief: Put The "Experts" On The Job

How to manage the next catastrope? Simple, says Chicago Tribune columnist Dennis Byrne: abolish FEMA and put the "experts" in charge.

You know, folks like Jesse Jackson, Ted Koppel and Nancy Pelosi, who know oh so much better than anyone else how this stuff should be done.

"Jackson would run relief logistics, because of his impressive ability to transport himself to any place on planet Earth where a camera is rolling. Newsweek contributing editor and talk-show mouth Eleanor Clift would single-handedly pilot a helicopter on rescue missions. Kicking on the automatic pilot, she'd lower herself in a harness to personally rescue thousands of rooftop survivors and fly them back to a rescue area, which she already had previously prepared with all necessary medical provisions, food, water and a big party. She can do this because she knows everything."

Read every word -- worth the time.

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