Monday, September 26, 2005

Blown speaker - UGH!

Blew the speaker in my D115XLT last night. Ugh. Was using it with my WT550 and my D210XST, which kept chugging along just fine.

Not sure why it blew-- I wasn't pushing it that hard. Master volume was at about 10 o'clock and the preamp volume was at about 2 o'clock. EQ was essentially set flat (slight bump in the lows, slight decrease in the highs), enhance knob at about 1 o'clock.

From the minute I started playing it was buzzing and rattling -- sounded like someone russling torn paper.

In almost 30 years of playing I don't think I've ever blown a speaker, so I'm probably due.

The cab is only six months old though, so it's under warranty. My guess is that it was simply a defective speaker.

Have to admit, I'm not looking forward to dealing with customer service -- last time I had an equipment problem, with another manufacturer, it was one long continuous headache. I'm hoping Eden will be better.

What I'm really hoping is that they'll ship me a new speaker pronto -- I have to play again in two weeks and I need that cab.


Craig said...

It was probably built by liberals.

JBlog said...

No, I'm pretty sure they're good-old-fashioned capitalists.

S'all good -- talked to them and the guy who sold it to me today -- they're gonna make the swap.