Friday, April 07, 2006

Congressional Dems: Pot, Kettle Black Redux

Dems rejoicing at the resignation of House Majority Leader Tom Delay (although I don't know why, since this pretty much assures that a Republican will retain his seat in the fall elections), saying this is time to sweep Congress clean of GOP corruption and the stink of special-interest lobbying.

But Investor's Business Daily notes that the Democratic broom they want use ain't so clean. Some highlights:

-- Nancy Pelosi's two PACs (they rules say you're only allowed to have one, incidentally) have both been investigated and fined for contributing beyond legal limits to 36 political campaigns -- you know, the same kind of thing Delay is currently on trial for;

-- Harry Reid's sons have netted more than $2 million for lobbying on behalf of special interest. Reid himself has accepted more than $70,000 in contributions from Jack Abramoff and his associates -- you know, the same lobbyist Reid has the coconuts to attack the GOP over;

-- Hillary Clinton recently conceded to filing false FEC reports for her 2000 Senate bid, understating contributions by over $720,000.

Nice, huh? I'm thinking houses...throwing stones....

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