Saturday, April 08, 2006

Going for the Green

It's springtime, and a young man's heart turns to...lawncare.

Put down about 100 pounds of Lesco pre-emergent and fertilizer -- fights the crabgrass and greens up the lawn nicely.

Ton's of nitrogen in this stuff, which is what makes the lawn so green.

Used my trusty Scott's SpeedyGreen 3000 spreader. I like to set the spreader at half the drop-speed recommended and go over the lawn several times in various directions -- that way you get even coverage and avoid streaking.

A cold, rainy morning -- which, of course made it perfect for putting down fertilizer. The rain instantly activates it and sets it in the lawn, so that it doesn't blow or roll off.

Only problem is that as the fertilizer gets wet, it tends to clump in the spreeder. So you have to give it a stir and a sift occasionally to keep it flowing nicely.


SB said...

Hey Man... We're on the same wavelength. My latest entry is called "Lawn and Garden Care" -

JBlog said...

"we're on the same wavelength..."

Some might consider that frightening.