Monday, April 03, 2006

Hey, Lookee What I Bought!

Sweet, Huh. I't s Pedulla Rapture J2-5.

Got my annual bonus last week, and decided it was time to trade my crappy Carvin in for a new bass. Planned to buy a Musicman Stingray 5, and had my man Rick at the Guitarhangar looking for one -- he's not an MM dealer, so he was making a rounds.

Called me today, saying he was having a tough time finding what I wanted. Mentioned that he a G&L in stock, but I'm not really keen on those.

Then mentioned somewhat casually that this had come in -- mint condition, barely played. Price was half original list, which was less than I had planned to spend on a new 'Ray 5.

Went into check it out, and it was nearly unplayable. But a quick adjust on the trussroad did the trick.

Nice feel, nice balance. And the tone!!!! Oh my goodness. Can't wait to hear it through my Eden Rig. The pickups and elex are Barts, which I love.

It's still at the shop -- getting strings, set-up and straplocks. I pick it up Saturday.


SB said...

Fantastic! When are you bringing it to the Upper Left-hand Corner to play some sets with me?

Craig Bob said...

And since you penetrated California airspace without visiting us a few weeks ago, you need to stop here for some jamming too.

JBlog said...

Deal, on both counts.

Zeke said...

Played one of those a few years back... nice neck, good tone, it just looked ghastly with the pearl pickguard and green paint job.

Now, that Jazz in your profile pick... Niceness.

JBlog said...

Yeah, I wish I could say I would have bought it even if it was a crummy color -- the one you described sounds pretty dreadful -- but we do have to live with them after the purhcase.

With the exception of my last Carvin, I tend to hang on to my basses for awhile.

But I can tell you the cherry sunburst on my Rapture is truly gorgeous.

And thanks for the compliment on my Jazz. It's a '76, so it's not like it's a cool year or anything. But I've had it since high school and it just really nails the "old school" thing.